Map Help

View this document for a complete tutorial (PDF).

The content of the website is organized into maps for different types of research.

Douglas County

  • Base Map: Locating an area of interest and basic information.


  • Taxcode: Find Taxing District boundaries.


  • Base Map Surveyor: Locate areas of interest and surveys
  • Control: Find Vertical and Horizontal control points
  • Government Corners: Search for cadastral information


  • Precincts: Find Voter District boundaries.

UTRANS Bus Routes

  • Blue Line: Winston to Sutherlin N
  • Gray Line: Sutherlin to Winston S
  • Green Line: Roseburg Route S
  • Red Line: Roseburg Route N


View this page for Metadata and brief descriptions of layers provided.

Map Functions to Use When Searching

  • All actions on the website are performed by a click, click procedure. There is no click and drag.
  • All toolbars available at the top of the screen have a description of use in the help. The first time you enter this website you may want to browse the help to get a feel for how the website works and what each tool does.
  • When selecting a feature on the map, there is a top-down process that gives detailed information. This can be changed by using the legend properties tool. This may require a refresh.
  • You should start with the binoculars to search using predefined queries that are designed for the type of data included in each map. Enter your information following the example and hit find.
  • When a query results in multiple choices, use the push pin to select the desired result. The pushpin at the top will select all. Pushing the pin again will unselect the item.
  • When using the address search, be patient. The drop-down is organizing every street in Douglas County by alphabetical order. 


The maps and information provided herein are for convenience only. Although reasonable attempts are made to maintain this interactive map as accurate as possible, these maps are being provided as an informational convenience only. Douglas County and other participating entities, will in no way be liable for any inaccuracies, inconsistencies, errors, omissions, or other deviations in these maps.