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The Crab Dock will be closed for repair January 1 through February 8 2022 due to storm damage. Please click here for more information.


The Douglas County Parking Permit program ended May 2021.  It is now free to park at all boat ramps and day use areas.

Upcoming Events

May 12-15 Raptor RallyAug. 18-22 Whistler's Bend
Aug. 2-8 DuneFestAug. 26-28 Whistler's Bend

Umpqua Dunes Construction News

Retail Building construction planned Feb-Sept 2022

North Loop construction is planned for Oct. 2022 through April 2023

Updates to come

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Welcome to the Douglas County Parks Department, your home for one of the finest Southern Oregon outdoor recreation experiences available.

About the Department

The Douglas County Parks Department was established in 1949 and was the first County Parks system developed in the state of Oregon. The Parks Department has grown to over 2,800 acres of recreational opportunities for residents and tourists alike. With over 70 dedicated parks, located in the 100 valleys of the Umpqua River, it is the perfect place to go for:       

FishingHikingOHV Riding
Horseback RidingDisc GolfSwimming
Or Access to the 1,000s of other recreational opportunities...

There are numerous recreation opportunities that await you in Douglas County.  Enjoy!