Special Events & Permits

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Special Events

Many county park facilities are available for rent by permit. If the park does not have a pavilion or indoor facility to rent, you may still be able to hold an event at a park with a Special Event Permit. Call the office for availability and fee information. A permit does not give you exclusive use of a park, only the right to hold that event. Events that are considered special events and will require a Special Event Permit:

  • Allow vendor sales at the event
  • Are advertised and open to the public
  • Charge an entry fee
  • Constitute a substantial risk to Douglas County, it’s Parks and/or the public
  • Exceed pavilion or park capacity
  • Involve the service or sale of alcohol
  • Take place in a non-designated day use or camping area


Special Event fees will be cumulative for each additional day of the event, at the rate of 50% of the initial fee. $10 non-refundable administrative fee will be added to the Special Event fee. Additional electrical and water fees may apply for the event. Contact the Douglas County Parks Department at 541-957-7001 for additional information.


You can complete the special event permit application (PDF). After completion, save and submit the application by email it to the Parks Department, or fax to 541-957-2062.

Regatta Permit

If your event is related to on the water activities, a Regatta Permit may be required and would be an additional permit for water activity special permits. Please see the Oregon State Marine Board guidelines (PDF).

Parking Permits

There is a parking fee at all Douglas County Parks. You can purchase a daily pass or an annual pass. These can be purchased at the park or online. The parking fee helps pay for the operation and the maintenance of the park, since we do not receive any taxes to operate the parks.

  • Single Day Parking Permit - You can pay for daily parking permits at the Park or online.
  • 12 month Parking Permit - You can pay for a 12 month parking permit at the park, at participating retailers or online.

Metal Detecting Permit

To use a metal detector within the boundary of a Douglas County Park, a metal detecting permit is required. The permit will identify the parks and areas within the park that metal detecting is allowed. View the Use of Metal Detectors Permit Application (PDF).

Active Duty, Veteran & Disabled Veterans Discounts

Active Duty Service Camping Benefit

Douglas County Parks provides 10 free camping nights per year for Active Duty Service Members. Five nights can be used per any 30 day period. Group sites, yurts and cabins are not eligible. Additional fees for extra vehicles, etc. may be applicable. Active Duty ID must be presented at time of registration.

Disabled Veterans Benefit

Douglas County Parks honors the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department’s Special Access Pass for Disabled Veterans. The pass can be used for 10 nights per year free camping. Five nights can be used per any 30 day period. Group sites, yurts and cabins are not eligible. Additional fees for extra vehicles, etc. may be applicable. The Special Access Pass must be presented at time of registration.

The pass must be displayed in your vehicle at all times. View the application (PDF) for this pass. Send completed applications to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for redemption.

As of June 1, 2021, the pass will no longer be accepted for reservations. To receive free camping, you will have to arrive "ready to camp" in a "first come, first serve" status.

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) Permits

ATVs operating on public lands are required to have an Oregon ATV Public Access Permit. You can now purchase ATV permits online via the Oregon State Parks website.