Disposal Fees

Disposal Fees

Garbage fees fund all programs offered by Douglas County Solid Waste. NO INCOME OR PROPERTY TAXES are used to pay for Douglas County Solid Waste programs. 

Payments Accepted:  All sites accept cash. We accept debit and credit cards at all site EXCEPT: American Express

Solid Waste Fees

Size of BinFee
Up to 35 Gallons$4
Up to 70 Gallons $8
Up to 105 Gallons $12
Up to 1 Cubic Yard$16
Each Additional Cubic Yard$16
Per Ton at Roseburg Landfill$94

Wood & Landscape Waste

Waste ContainerFee
Up to 1 Cubic Yard$9
More Than 1 Cubic Yard - 3 Cubic Yards$18
Each Additional Cubic Yard$9
Per Ton at Roseburg Landfill$50


  • Animal By-Products: $94 per ton (smaller than a goat is accepted at transfer sites and charged a small fee)
  • Appliances w/ freon: Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, heat pumps - $15 (Roseburg and Reedsport Only)
  • Construction and Demolition Waste: Construction and demolition (C&D) waste in excess of 1 cubic yard accepted at the Roseburg Landfill $94 per ton and at the Roseburg and Reedsport Transfer Stations $23 per cubic yard.
  • Furniture: $12 per unit
  • Mattresses: $12 per unit (mattress or box spring). Mattresses accepted only at the Roseburg and Reedsport Transfer Station
  • Residential Sharps - No charge (All sharps must be in proper container red, rigid plastic with lid)
  • Commercial Sharps - $12 per gallon size container
  • Soil, Sand, Gravel, Crushed Rock: $94 per ton at the Roseburg Landfill ~ Clean soil accepted at no charge. Consult this memo (PDF) for additional details. $12 per 1/2 cubic yard (daily limit) at transfer stations.
  • Tree Stumps (12-inch diameter and larger):$94 per ton (Roseburg Landfill Only)
  • Tires - includes auto, motorcycle, ATV, equipment, and tractor tires (must be off the rim). (Roseburg and Reedsport Only) 
    • Less than 17-inch rim diameter - $3 each
    • 17-inch to 20-inch rim diameter - $6 each
    • All solid rubber tires and tires larger than 20 inches - $21 each

Special Waste / Asbestos / PCS / Grit & Screenings  (Roseburg Landfill)

  • Permitted Waste: (Asbestos, Boiler Residue, Petroleum Contaminated Soil, Sand Blast Grit, and other material). A fee of $72 (permit and disposal) for residential homeowner generated asbestos disposal of 1 cubic yard or less.
  • All other asbestos and permitted waste disposal to have a $72 permit fee for each source location plus $94 per ton (one-ton minimum charge). Permits are available online at Special Waste Permits or call 541-440-4268 for permit information. Permitted waste must be tested prior to disposal for contaminants per Public Works / Solid Waste. Permitted waste accepted only at the Roseburg Landfill.
  •  Testing may be required at the discretion of Solid Waste staff. If testing is required, fees will be determined based on test results.
  • Special Waste Permited located here
  • Asbestos ASN4 located here

Limited Recycling accepted in Douglas County

All transfer sites and Landfill accept the following recyclables for no charge: Glass, Cardboard, Scrap metal; auto batteries, & motor oil. Alkaline batteries manufactured after 1996 are free of mercury and can go into the garbage.

  • Recyclable Metal Scrap/Vehicle Parts (hood, fender, engine, transmission): No charge – must be placed in recycling metals box.
  • Other appliances: Washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, water heaters must be placed in a recycle metal box. - No charge

Disposal Limits 

Disposal limited to two pickup loads or five cubic yards per day at transfer stations. Disposal for all waste other than household waste generated outside of Douglas County will be charged at double the disposal rates listed. Douglas County reserves the right to reject out of county generated waste for disposal. The Payment Methods we accept are cash and credit card.