Civil Marriage Ceremony

(Per ORS 106.120)

The following people are authorized to perform civil marriage ceremonies; whether one of them will perform your ceremony is their decision, not ours. The phone numbers are provided to help you check their availability, and fees.

Municipal Judges

CanyonvilleMachelle Briggs-Mayfield541-839-4389

Justices of the Peace

CanyonvilleMachelle Briggs-Mayfield 541-839-4389
ReedsportKathleen Miller541-271-2101

The Clerk’s Office is able to perform ceremonies within normal business hours, provided staffing is available to perform them.  We have limited staff and may not be able to accommodate every request.  Clerk’s Office fees are set by state statute, effective October 01, 2019 fee will be $117; due to the passage of  HB 3447.  You will need to provide two witnesses 18+ years of age to the ceremony.

There are many individuals in the community which are also ordained either through their religious or secular affiliation.  We do not maintain any list of persons who are ordained to perform ceremonies.  You may employ any of these individuals to officiate your wedding.  Directions on completing the requisite forms come with your marriage license. It may be beneficial for your officiant to review the instructions prior to filling the appropriate locations on the form.