Special Events

Many county park facilities are available for rent by permit. If the park does not have a pavilion or indoor facility to rent, you may still be able to hold an event at a park with a Special Event Permit. Call the office for availability and fee information. A permit does not give you exclusive use of a park, only the right to hold that event. Events that are considered special events and will require a Special Event Permit:

  • Allow vendor sales at the event
  • Are advertised and open to the public
  • Charge an entry fee
  • Constitute a substantial risk to Douglas County, it’s Parks and/or the public
  • Exceed pavilion or park capacity
  • Involve the service or sale of alcohol
  • Take place in a non-designated day use or camping area


Special Event fees will be cumulative for each additional day of the event, at the rate of 50% of the initial fee. $10 non-refundable administrative fee will be added to the Special Event fee. Additional electrical and water fees may apply for the event. Contact the Douglas County Parks Department at 541-957-7001 for additional information.


You can complete the special event permit application (PDF). After completion, save and submit the application by email it to the Parks Department.